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Ephone Company Incorporated

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ePhone Co. Inc. has been one of the pioneer retailers in the mobile phone industry. Our Company was started by a group of visionaries who saw the huge growth potential of analog to digital mobile phones and incorporated in January of 2000. Our Company began its retail operations in the year 2003, focusing on affiliating ourselves with premium brands of mobile phone and accesories, intent on providing only high quality products and excellent services to our customers.

Our mission is to be premium gadgets retailer in the country while providing excellent sevice to our customers as we grant oppurtunities for growth and enrichment to our employees, instilling in them our core values.

Our vision is to put forth programs and activities to benefit not just our customers and employees, but also our business partners by reaching every region in the Philippines with a variety of quality products and innovative gadgets catered to consumers from all walks of life.

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Samsung S9 Review

Explore the Latest & Best Samsung Smartphones

Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives. They have somewhat evolved as the default means for different people to address their varied needs — from one who wants to stay connected to friends and family all the time, to another who wants a daily dose of audio and video entertainment, to someone who wants to grab all the latest online deals, and then to one who cannot have enough of the latest games. Nowadays, young-minded consumers look to their smartphones for their daily dose of achievement and entertainment.

Samsung has been a leader in the smartphone revolution in Philippines. We have brought a number of innovations to the market with our Galaxy Note, Galaxy S, Galaxy A and the latest Galaxy J series phones in 2018.

Let’s look at some of the latest features in our latest mobile phones.

Infinity Display

With a flowing view from edge to edge, free from the distraction of bezels, Samsung smartphones offer an immersive viewing experience with the Infinity Display. The continuous and seamless surface facilitates uninterrupted viewing. The display covers the entire front screen, offering a larger viewing space, while keeping the smartphone suitable even for one-handed use.

18.5 : 9

The aspect ratio of the most modern Samsung cellphone. The new dimension is perfect for viewing more and doing more especially for multi-tasking or running dual apps… all these while allowing the cellphone to fit in one hand with great ease. Check out individual specs of the Galaxy S9+, Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note8, Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy S8.


An intelligent voice assistant that enhances your Samsung cellphone experience. It responds to voice, touch, and text commands and makes managing varied tasks simple. It also studies your usage patterns and offers customized recommendations.

Dual Cameras

To allow for crisp and beautiful photos, the latest Samsung cellphones, including the Galaxy Note8 and Galaxy J7+ sport dual camera setups. They let you capture close-up as well as wide angles in a single shot. The Live Focus feature enables users to highlight the subject. Stamps and stickers add a fun element to your picture. Additionally, the cameras also let you click bright photos in low-light settings.

Dual Aperture

Mimicking how the eyes look at the world around it, the Galaxy S9 | S9+ utilizes a mechanical dual aperture setup that adjusts automatically based on how much light is available. This ensures that the best shot can be achieved regardless of the lighting situation.


The Iris scanner is the latest feature to ensure enhanced security and privacy in Samsung cellphones. Iris patterns are unique to an individual and you only need to look at your smartphone to unlock it. Needless to say, the scanner helps you prevent unwanted snooping.


It is now possible to use your Samsung smartphone worry-free even while taking a shower or playing at the beach. The latest cellphone models come with IP68 rating, ensuring that the devices are resistant to dust as well as water. Some of them being Galaxy Note Fan Edition, Galaxy A7 (2017) and Galaxy A5 (2017).


The 10nm processor offers quick and efficient performance. Fast charging capabilities restore the battery quickly. Enhanced RAM allows smooth multitasking. Besides, Gigabit Wi-Fi and Gigabit LTE helps to build a connection with networks having speeds as high as 1 gigabit per second.

Samsung Wireless charging

With wireless charging, you do not have to deal with the sight of messy wires or sit near the switchboard to use your smartphone while it is being charged. Simply place your Samsung smartphone on the wireless charger and continue using it in landscape or portrait mode.